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Mission & History


The mission of the Engineers' Foundation is to award scholarships and grants to encourage the study of engineering and to work with engineering educational institutions and high schools in the Chicago area in promoting interest in engineering as a career.


The Chicago Engineers’ Foundation of the Union League Club was organized in 1963 by the Chicago Engineers Club, which was an organization of engineers that had been founded in 1903. The Foundation’s original name was Chicago Engineers Club Foundation. The first meeting of the Board of Directors of the Chicago Engineers Club Foundation was held on October 4, 1963 at 314 S. Federal Street. At that meeting it was reported that on June 26, 1963 the State of Illinois had issued the certificate of incorporation for the Foundation. Said certificate was filed in the office of the Recorder of Deeds for Cook County on June 28, 1963. The Board officers present were Robert H. Bacon, President; David W. Jasper, Vice President; and Douglas Flood, Secretary and Treasurer.

The initial objectives of the Foundation included the award of engineering scholarships to outstanding high school students in the Chicago area. The officers and directors of the Foundation solicited contributions from the members of the Chicago Engineers Club to fund the activities of the new Foundation.

Today the Chicago Engineers’ Foundation of the Union League Club is built on the proud tradition of the Chicago Engineers Club, but has changed with the times to remain relevant in today’s world. Whereas the Chicago Engineers Club was all male, the Chicago Engineers’ Foundation equally encourages all students, both male and female, and of every race and ethnicity, to study engineering, and make its awards accordingly. And whereas many early 20th century engineers were able to practice their profession without formal engineering educations, the Chicago Engineers’ Foundation believes that formal engineering education is vital for a 21st century engineer, and the Foundation’s mission is to encourage students to obtain that education.