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Mission & History


The mission of the Engineers' Foundation is to encourage and empower young people to become the next generation of engineers through scholarship opportunities, outreach to educational institutions, and promoting interest in engineering careers.   


The Chicago Engineers' Foundation of the Union League Club evolved from the Chicago Engineers' Club, founded in 1903, and incorporated in 1906. The Chicago Engineers' Club was an organization established by engineers to support other engineers challenged by financial hardships. 

In 1963 Robert Bacon, President of the Chicago Engineers' Club, and Douglas Flood an attorney founded the Chicago Engineers' Club Foundation. It operated independently of the Chicago Engineers' Club, and presented its first Incentive Awards to students in 1969.   The Chicago Engineers' Club Foundation merged with the Union League Club in 1975 as an independent organization, and became the Chicago Engineers' Foundation of the Union League Club later that year.  CEF remains one of three foundations that proudly have their home within the Union League Club of Chicago.

Today the Chicago Engineers’ Foundation of the Union League Club of Chicago is built on the traditions of the Chicago Engineers Club, and works to support the next generation of engineers.  The Chicago Engineers’ Foundation actively encourages all students to learn about the opportunities available in the engineering sector.  And whereas many early 20th century engineers were able to practice their profession without formal educations, the Chicago Engineers’ Foundation supports young people as they attain college-level engineering educations, vital for a 21st century engineering career.