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The Chicago Engineers' Foundation encourages our city's young people to pursue careers in engineering by recognizing their talents and providing them with financial assistance for their engineering studies.

The CEF provides incentive awards to graduating seniors of Chicago high schools who are admitted to accredited college or university engineering programs. For those award winners who maintain satisfactory grade point averages, the CEF continues to make annual awards throughout their college careers and at graduation. The awards increase with each year that a student qualifies and participates in the program.

  • Graduating High School Award Amount - $1,000
  • Rising College Sophomore Award Amount - $1,200
  • Rising College Junior Award Amount - $1,400
  • Rising College Senior Award Amount - $1,400

In addition to assisting the students financially, the CEF encourages the award winners to form a professional network among themselves that they can call on as they progress in the field of engineering.

To be eligible for a CEF scholarship, you must be a graduating high school senior with a strong connection to the City of Chicago. You must be planning to study engineering in college and have received acceptance from an accredited undergraduate engineering program. The Chicago connection may be established by either your residence in the City of Chicago or your current attendance of a high school in the City of Chicago. In addition, you must meet the academic criteria outlined in the scholarship application.

The 2017 Application is Now Closed



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