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Outreach to Tomorrow's Engineers

The Chicago Engineers' Foundation is committed to

  • EXCITING Chicago’s young people about the opportunities of an engineering education and inspire them about STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) through our High School Outreach program;
  • ENCOURAGING Chicago high school graduates who have chosen to study engineering in college through financial assistance and recognition of their achievement through our annual Incentive Awards; and
  • ENGAGING the college graduates of our Incentive Awards program (our Alumni) and members of Union League Club of Chicago, other professional engineering associations and the businesses and corporations which employ engineers in the Foundation’s programs and activities to excite and encourage America’s future engineers.

The encouragement of Chicago high school students through our Incentive Awards program has been the principal activity of CEF since its inception.  

The Future - Expanding our Outreach to Tomorrow’s Engineers

Our Outreach Program matches groups of two or three engineer volunteers with high schools in the City of Chicago for one-hour presentations during or after the school day.  Volunteers introduce themselves, their companies, their roles, and their field of engineering.  They talk about their own path to discovery, their early interests and their educational experiences.

Our volunteers convey to the students that engineers are critical for the future of any community.  Through the High School Outreach program we not only educate students about what engineers are and do, we remind them that people with an engineering background – due to their analytical ability to solve problems – are in demand for just about any type of job a student could want.

Our Outreach volunteers are CEF Alumni, Union League Club members, members of the ILITE and other interested engineers who believe in our mission.  Our volunteers work for businesses and organizations such as Navistar, Illinois Tool Works, TranSystems Corporation, Cambridge Systematics, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, federal and state agencies, and intellectual property law firms.  Their engineering disciplines include Mechanical, Biomedical, Transportation, Chemical and Electrical Engineering, among others.

The High School Outreach program improves the Foundation's ability to excite and encourage tomorrow’s engineers.