Incentive Award Sponsors

Incentive Award Sponsors partner with Chicago Engineers’ Foundation (CEF) to fully support merit-based awards for Chicago engineering students.  Sponsors may contribute to support multiple awards per year or specific award recipients throughout their undergraduate matriculation.  Each award sponsor also has the option to name their award(s) in consultation with the CEF leadership.

Awards are presented annually, to Chicago students poised to become the next generation of engineers.

Become a Class of 2021 Award Sponsor

The leadership of the Chicago Engineers’ Foundation extends its gratitude to the individuals, corporations, professional associations, and organizations sponsoring 2020 Incentive Awards.  Thank you for your generosity and support of our student scholars. 


American Public Works Association-Chicago Metro Chapter (City Branch)

AMVETS Post #66

Ms. Joan Berry

Beem Patent Law Firm

Mr. & Mrs. Sid Bennett

Mr. Erik Cempel and Dr. Pil Bin Im

Cless Family Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Mark and Joni Croll

Mr. & Mrs. Armond Dinverno

Mr. Phil Dodson and Ms. Nancy Ross

Mrs. Arlene Eckmann

Mr. James Gillespie

Ms. Sharon Harmsworth and Ms. Diane Ferrari

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Hoover

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)-Chicago Section

ITW Foundation

Mr. Michael Lev

The Curtis Linder Family

Liston Legal Group

Mrs. Martha Jahn Martin

Courtney & Barry Murtaugh

Mr. & Mrs. Wiliam J. Nissen

Mr. Thomas Penn

Primera Foundation

Francis & Anne Roche

Mr. Martin Ross

Mr. Thomas P. Riley

Rotary/One Chicago

Dr. Erin L.D. Sibley w/ family & friends

Mr. Stephen Schlegel

The Sinka Family

George & Judy Thomas

TTX Company


Ms. P. Kay Whitlock

To learn about award sponsorship opportunities for the CEF Class of 2021,

contact Debbie Birrell, Executive Director, at [email protected].