The leadership of the Chicago Engineers’ Foundation extends its gratitude to the individuals, corporations, and organizations sponsoring 2018 Incentive Awards.  Thank you for your generosity and support of our student scholars. 


Beem Patent Law

Mr. & Mrs. Sid Bennett

Mr. Erik Cempel & Ms. Pil Bin Im

Mr. John Croll

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Croll

Mr. & Mrs. Armond Dinverno

Mr. Phil Dodson

Mrs. Arlene Eckmann

Mr. Walter Farrell

Ms. Diane Ferrari

Mr. & Mrs. James Gillespie

Ms. Sharon Harmsworth

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Hoover

Mr. Michael Lev

Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Linder

Mr. John Liston

Marmon Holdings

Mr.  & Mrs. William Nissen

Mr. Thomas Penn

Mr. Ian Radomski

Ms. Lisa Radomski

Mr. Richard Rauch

Mr. Thomas Riley

Ms. Nancy Ross

Mr. Martin Ross


Mr. Stephen Schlegel

Ms. Annemie Sinka

Ms. Michelle Sinka-Teschky

TranSystems Corporation

Ms. P. Kay Whitlock

Mr. William Williams

To learn more about Award Sponsorship opportunities, email CEF at [email protected]