President’s Message

Welcome to the Chicago Engineers Foundation!

The best thing about being an engineer is having the opportunity to impact the lives of hundreds, thousands, millions, or even billions of people with just one project.

Engineering is vast and while materials may be hard and cold, engineering can also be complex, warm and inspiring. Engineering is for people. It saves lives and makes life easier and possible. Transportation, mobility, structures, shelter, mechanical, functional, electrical, power and energy, biomedical, life, computers, and the future. In supporting the next generation to study engineering, we promote the fundamentals of understanding the universe and ensure the continuation of a society that functions and provides and is sustainable. There are many ways you’ll be able to apply your education. Remember to learn, listen, and love.

You have a responsibility to care for the general good of society for equitable implementation of solutions. Please—learn about the world, question the status quo, and use your logical reasoning. Have fun. Try new things. Make friends. Be kind. Explore cultures and different perspectives. Study in another country, learn a new language. Adopt a global mindset. Explore other disciplines.

Self-examine. Dive deep. Explore.

Engineers work to improve quality of life on a massive scale.

If this is your first introduction to Chicago Engineers Foundation, please get to know more about us and our programs. Our mission is to encourage and empower the next generation of Chicago engineers.  Whether you are interested in scholarship awards, learning opportunities, or volunteer activities, we look forward to welcoming you to our growing community of current and future engineers.

Rebecca Wingate, P.E.